Zoom Olympics 2020


The Zoom Olympics is a series of virtual mini games/challenges that you play with your team, competing against other teams. During each Game Night, teams play a specific Game Board created by a Board Leader. Game Boards are time-bound, virtual, accessible, social, fair, quirky, and created by you! Similar to NCAA Basketball, the Zoom Olympics will consist of a Regular Season (March 29 – April 14) and an Elimination Tournament (April 15 – onward). Teams sign up here. Volunteer to be a Board Leader and contribute a Game Board idea here.

There is a $5 buy-in per person to play. Please send your $5 to Rahat Bathija through venmo (@baba19) using the description “Zoom Olympics player entry fee.”

Regular Season: We have 48 players over 16 teams. Over three weeks, each team will play three Game Boards to earn a high seed for the Elimination Tournament. See rosters here and the schedule here. You will receive the link for the zoom room by email within 24 hours before your Game Night.

Elimination Tournament: Based on each team’s scoring during the Regular Season, they will be seeded into a March Madness style bracket. Teams will move forward only if they win their match. At the end, one team will win the gold! For more information, click here.

Brackets and Betting: Once teams are seeded into the elimination rounds, individuals can make bracket predictions similar to the NCAA March Madness. The player with the closest bracket prediction selections an organization which we will send 40% of the donations. There is a $5 buy in per person to create a bracket for the elimination round (creating a bracket is optional). Please send your $5 to Rahat Bathija through venmo (@baba19) using the description “Zoom Olympics bracket fee.”

Winners: On May 24, 2020, Gilchecivan defeated Gaming From Home to win the 2020 Zoom Olympics! Funds raised will be donated to Boston Health Care for the Homeless.

P.S. Dear Internet: Please feel free to use and adapt any of the materials from the Zoom Olympics as you see fit! After each game in the Regular Season and Elimination Tournament, you can find downloadable instructions. If you have additional questions, reach out to Evan at erkuras at gmail dot com. Enjoy!

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