Evaluation Services

  • Goal identification and logic model development
  • Instrument design*
  • Data collection and analysis
    • Methods used to date include paper surveys, online surveys, interviews, focus groups, photovoice, participant observation, and qualitative comparative analysis
  • Report writing and documentation

*My goal is to develop and/or utilize instruments that are robust, effective, and as unobtrusive as possible.

Currently my area of expertise is in environmental education (EE). For EE organizations I am especially equipped to provide literature reviews and evidence-based best practices. I am familiar with and have used many of the common metrics for assessing outcomes from EE, such as the Connection to Nature Scale and the Place Attachment Scale, as well as other creative and rigorous methods for assessing these and similar constructs with and without asking survey questions. For examples of past EE evaluation projects check out my work with the Environmental Center for our Schools (ECOS) in Springfield, MA, and Teens for Trees (T4T), in Watertown, MA.