Sewing Snails and Shirts

If you’ve interacted with me in a professional or even non-professional setting, the likelihood of me wearing a shirt with small animals on it is probably close to 50%. But it is surprisingly hard to find small-animal-shirts that are simultaneously subtle, sharp, and silly. To address this market failure, I am on a mission to learn how to sew so that I can eventually make my own shirts. It will be a long journey but I am proud to have started along the path during a recent trip to Spain, where I stayed with a sewing guru and made these two little animals as a way to practice various stitches.

Caracoloco (crazy snail) and Señor Chinchilla

Now that I’m back in the states, I’ve been mending all my clothes with minor rips and tears while I slowly build up the know-how to tackle the eventual complex project that is a Button Down Shirt. If you’re looking for simple mends to your clothes and live in the Boston area, get in touch! I charge a modest fee primarily for time and equipment costs. Wish me luck!

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